Freedom Air was designed for riders by using its patented anatomically contoured air cells that are used in the medical field for the prevention and healing of pressure ulcers (aka bed sores). Using this technology, we have specifically shaped our air cells to relieve typical 'hot' pressure points for riders and spread the pressure evenly for a much more comfortable ride. A comfortable ride allows you to Ride Longer, Go Further, and See More of what you ride for. 


1. A recessed area in the back of the cushion provides greater pressure relief under your tail bone for added comfort.
2. Large outside air cells hug your hips for a better ride.
3. Tapered air cells under your thighs provide a better, more natural fit to your seat and cycle.
4. A V-shaped front provides a better fit to your cycle.
5. Two separate valves inflate and adjust the right and left sides of your Freedom Air for a more stable ride.
6. Recessed air cells in the front provide added comfort and relief where it counts.*
7. Interconnected air cells in each department let you sink into cushion and spread pressure out.
8. Individual air cells minimize vibration and act as mini-shock absorbers for the ultimate riding experience.

*Biker dudes especially, I think you know what we're talking about here...
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