Every company out there is going to tell you that their product is the best. We're no different. We truly believe that Freedom Air is the best motorcycle cushion on the market. But you don't have to take our word for it. And you don't have to read 'testimonials' that may just be a person who is paid by a company to give a favorable quote about their product.

Instead, you can see product reviews by Motorcycle Consumer News. Motorcycle Consumer News is a magazine wholly supported by its readers, who expect them to be unswayed by industry influences on reporting. What that means is that they don't take a bunch of advertising dollars from motorcycle companies and then turn around and give favorable reviews to those same companies that advertise. They review products on their merits alone. Seriously, check them out, 100% subscriber supported, no advertising!

Do you know what they found when they compared Freedom Air to the other cushions on the market? That's right, Freedom Air came out on top every time! See for yourself below:

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