All of our cushions come with a black fitted cover which has a non-skid bottom so that it will not slide on your existing seat while riding.  The top of the covers are made of a 4-way stretch lycra, and all covers include attachment loops to secure the cushion to your seat if you choose.  All cushions have a limited 2-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

NEW! - All Freedom Air cushions now include adjustable attachment straps to fit around your seat

Standard Cruiser
14" x 13.5

The Original Freedom Air Cruiser cushion provides motorcycle enthusiasts an extending riding time advantage. The unique, patented design has been distinctively engineered to offer superior comfort, by combining anatomical contouring with interconnected air cells. A long list of testimonials has proven that this system has become an extremely viable addition to the riders' required equipment.

Cruiser XL
15.5" x 16"

A larger version of our Freedom Air Standard Cruiser Cushion, the Cruiser XL features the same distinct contouring, but offers a seating surface to fit the larger saddles.

Sport Touring
12" x 13.5"

The Sport Touring cushion is designed slightly different than that of the cruiser cushions, taking into full consideration the sport rider's posture.  The dual valve cushion also features a 1" void throughout the center of the cushion for relief of the perineum as well as larger air cells at the rear to better support the pelvis.

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